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Documenting coastline before and after Arthur

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla -- There is the potential for erosion along the First Coast because of Arthur.

South Ponte Vedra Beach is a hot spot for erosion in St. Johns County, according to St. Johns County Engineer Press Tompkins.

Some of the homes that experienced severe erosion in the winter now have sea walls, and their owners are thankful for them.

Meanwhile, Tompkins foresees a minimal impact on the coastline.

However, St. Johns County did something fairly new this year. It sent a helicopter to record video of the coastline before the storm hits, and will take another video after the storm.

"That way we have a visual record of what's going on and we can pull it back up again and see," Tompkins explained. "If someone says, 'I lost 20 feet of beach,' we can say, "Yeah, you did,' or 'No, you didn't.' It helps us know what's going on at the beach."

Meteorologist Tim Deegan said northeast winds coming from this storm can act like a moderate nor'easter, but coastal residents have a few good things going for them. Extreme high tides are not expected right now because we are not close to a full or new moon. Deegan also said it will help that the storm remains off the coast.


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