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Mother: Teacher called my daughter a 'terrorist'

ST. JOHNS, Fla. -- A student in the NJROTC program at Nease High School said she was called a "terrorist" by a teacher. Now, the mom wants to know why that teacher hasn't been suspended.

"I couldn't believe that her teacher called her a terrorist, and she was dressed in her naval cadet uniform," said Lisa Smith, the student's mother.

It happened at Nease High School in St. Johns County. The principal, Kyle Dresback, said he's talked with the teacher, and issued a "letter of correction." The letter says in part the teacher has to have a classroom that is inviting, and "students should want to participate without fear of inappropriate comments."

"I don't think it's enough," said Smith. "To blurt out the word terrorist, to call my teenage daughter a terrorist is way past inappropriate," she said.

Smith said she expected more when it came to discipline.

"It was basically, 'hey, don't do this again, we're going be monitoring you, and we're going to follow up with you,'" she said.

"We just don't condone that kind of behavior, we think it's inappropriate to make comments like that at any given point," said Dresback.

The letter said Dresback and the teacher will meet in December to address progress.

"Words take on different meaning and terrorist is one of those," said Dresback. "We want to make sure our teacher understands that it is a different life we lead now."

The St. Johns County School District said there haven't been any discipline problems with the teacher in the past, and it's within policy to issue the letter of correction. They told First Coast News the appropriate action was taken.


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