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Unusual Beach Find in Ponte Vedra
Environment, Weird
Unusual Beach Find in Ponte Vedra


Ponte Vedra resident, Melanie Cavanaugh, was walking her dog on the beach this morning and found something unusual along the way: message in a bottle.

According to Cavanaugh, the message was in a glass bottle, covered with furry green algae and dotted with barnacles on one side. "I have no idea how old it is," said Cavanaugh.

Cavanaugh opened the bottle and found a message in Spanish. We did our best to translate the letter, which appears to be from a child to his or her father:

"Dad, my mom (indecipherable) I want to go with you to (indecipherable) river with you. So dad, my mom (indecipherable) that's more. Come pick me up dad."

"I wish I knew who it was from," added Cavanaugh, "I can't wait to show it to my daughters when they get home from school."

Cavanaugh has a degree in marine science and uses her daily walks to explore and help the environment. "You can find something awesome or you can find a lot of trash. Today there is a lot of trash. I think it's because of the storm," said, Cavanaugh.

Other interesting finds on the beach today include a whole hairy coconut covered in algae, a plastic horse, an old fishing lure and a few bottles with Spanish labeling.

Environment, Weird

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