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Upcoming Exhibits at the Beaches Musuem & History Center

The Sensuous Shell by John Kuss

Exhibit Opens November 9 and runs through January 8, 2011 at the Beaches Museum & History Center. John Kuss is a fine art photographer who lives in Jacksonville Beach, Florida and has photographing for over 20 years. John has worked with Getty Images and Corbis Images in New York City. “There is something magical about shells” Johns says. John has a unique technique he used for some of his most popular pieces.

Pearl Trochus Shell

The two Polaroid photographs I have as part of the exhibit were taken with an SX-70 Time Zero instant camera.   The camera is no longer made anymore, nor is the film.  It was one of my favorite cameras to shoot with.  There is a quality that you just can’t get with any other film.  There are cracks and bubbles in the emulsion.  The color tone is often bluish/greenish.  Some would consider these to be flaws.  But, these shells, along with my SX-70 camera, have taught me an important lesson in life.  I would often put limitations on my work and myself.  I’d say, “if only I had a better camera and more equipment, then I could be the photographer that I wanted to be.”  I thought I always needed something else---or just more, more, more.  I didn’t realize that less could be more.

It turns out that my camera with all the limitations, quirks and flaws----they were actually assets.  Limitations became opportunities.  It was a classic example of “take what you’ve got and make what you want”.  So, the limitations cancel out the limitations, opening up a whole new set of possibilities.  In essence, there are no limitations except the ones we place on ourselves.

Over the years, John’s art has been featured in Williams-Sonoma Home. His work has appeared on the cover of  House Beautiful and on ABC’s nationally televised show Extreme Make-Over, to name only a few.

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