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Florida Pilot Dies in Fiery Crash During Air Show

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Kansas City air show ended abruptly after a fiery crash killed stunt pilot Bryan Jensen.

Bryan Jensen is based in Florida and according to his website lists and address in Ponte Vedra.

An aviation Department spokesman in Kansas City, Joe McBride says Jensen couldn't pull out of a maneuver Saturday and crashed his biplane, The Beast, into the grass at a downtown airport airfield.

McBride says it's the first fatal crash at the annual Kansas City Aviation Expo Air Show. No spectators were injured.

Witnesses tell the Kansas City Star that the red Horzon Hobbit plane was performing loops, then couldn't pull up from a downward spiral. They say the plane hit the ground and burst into flames.

"I was watching the plane do its stunt, a little roll, and it was coming down and it was still spinning it was kinda crazy cuz it was getting close to the ground and I thought it was going to take off about 50 feet above the ground or whatever but then it started getting really close. It hit the ground and it exploded," said one witness. 

Spectators were asked to leave Wheeler Downtown Airport immediately after the crash. The event is expected to resume Sunday.

Jensen had been flying aerobactics for the last 17 years. The FAA and the NTSB are being called in to investigate the cause of the crash.


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