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Student of the Week: Caroline Snowden

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A practiced violinist and singer, published author and a nearly fluent speaker of Spanish. Believe it or not, those are just some of the traits of Student of the Week, Caroline Snowden.

A "straight-A" student, Caroline is a senior at Ponte Vedra High School.

"She's just like a juggler," said teacher Dr. Arleen Chiclana. "You throw balls at her and she incorporates each and she does so beautifully."

Though she has many talents, she said her real passion is science. Caroline's research was first published in Audiology Today magazine in 2010, and this past summer, she was one of 50 students selected to participate in MIT's Research Science Institute, where she conducted research in epigenetics.

"It's a really new area of science," Snowden explains. "Basically, they used to think that all physical traits that were inherited from one generation to the next were inherited only through the sequences of nucleotides in the DNA, like A's, C's, G's and T's, but they found recently that, that's not the case and that there are other things that can also be affected by the environment but then inherited from one generation to the next, and they call those things epigenetics."

But Caroline isn't just intelligent. According to friend and Senior Class President Andrew Blocker, she's as caring as she is smart,

"She has a very warm, and welcoming personality," he said. "People can see her candor and it's appreciated by everyone."

Caroline also started her school's a capella group, "Sharkapella," when she was just a sophomore.

She's applied to all Ivy League schools and expects to find out about acceptance in April.


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