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Local man auctioning off his last name

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- At his mother Kelly's breakfast table, Jason Sadler's life is pretty much laid out before him.

A collage of pictures from his childhood is neatly spread out around the table.

The two spend some time reminiscing about his younger years.

"At three years old I would call him and say 'Let's go' and he would have to run go grab his portfolio," Kelly said laughing.

She says her son has always been creative and entrepreneurial. 

"He comes up with all these ideas, we were sitting here at this table when his latest one hit," she said.

And it seems his life with the last name Sadler is about to be over.

"I'm selling my last name to the highest bidder," Jason said.

Sadler is known all over the social media and marketing worlds for his T-shirt wearing business.

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But Sadler says to remain successful, a good business can't stop evolving.

Just adding to the marketing frenzy, and getting plenty of media attention doing it, he started the website www.buymylastname.com.

"A week into it so far and we've had 19 people bid," he said.

The first bid was from a woman wanting to change his name to "TV."

"That was an $11 bid," he said.

But they kept coming in.

"The next was from a real estate company," and was worth $1,000.

Then the bid hit $15,000 then $20,000. 

"Current price is sitting at $33,333," Sadler said.

And if the current bidder was to win, the bidding ends on December 12, his name would be:

"Jason Wiggity Bang Games."

It works for him because of his massive reach.

The winning company will get constant exposure to Sadler's more than 40,000 Twitter followers and 11,000 Facebook subscribers.

Sadler's name would also change on the byline atop the columns he writes for various magazines and papers, including the Wall Street Journal.

As for his mother, she says she's more than fine with her son's idea.

"He'll always be Jason to me."

Unless his next big idea is to sell his first name, we'll just have to wait and see. 


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