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Wearing T-shirts for a living can pay off

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jason Sadler took his Ponte Vedra Beach wardrobe and decided to cash in.

"Yep, T-shirt money buys the milk, bread, pays the mortgage," he said back when First Coast News interviewed him a year ago.

Sadler's IWearYourShirt.com business focused on one sponsor a day back then. He would wear a t-shirt a day for a company, making social media posts and web videos to promote them.

And he would get upwards of $1,000 a day to do it.

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Fast forward to today and he's got a couple shirt wearing employees, nearly 40,000 Twitter followers, and the shirt has come off his back ... so to speak.

"Yeah, I figure you gotta cover bigger things every year," he said.

The bigger thing is an SUV. And while it's not exactly wearing a T-shirt, but instead wrapped in the sponsor's logo, the idea is the same.

The sponsor now is Buzztime Trivia. They make a trivia game played at bars around the country.

So instead of just saying the product is great, Sadler and his crew are road-tripping in the T-shirt mobile to play the games with people.

They'll go to seven cities, inviting people to play along with them.

Sure it's fun, but Sadler says it's a creative way to draw attention to a product.

"It's fun, ya know, it's work every day. But it's not going to a 9 to 5," Sadler said. "It's promoting companies and having a good time doing it."

Sadler says it's an approach to business and life that anyone can use to get ahead.

"It all comes back to being creative. Whether you're running a business, trying to get a job, doing anything. Creativity always stands above the rest."

The wrap for his SUV was done by Identity Design in Jacksonville. You can click here to see Phil Amato's report on their services.

You can participate with Jason and his crew at www.iwearyourshirt.com. 


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