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Golf Ball Hits TPC Volunteer in the Head

PONTE VEDRA, Fla. -- A volunteer at The Players was hurt when a golf ball hit him in the head Saturday.


Harris English's tee shot on the first hole went left, and hit Denny Meredith of St. Johns County.

Meredith fell to the ground but did not lose consciousness.

"Well, after getting hit I feel fine," Meredith told First Coast News Saturday night from his home. "A lot of blood but not a lot of pain."

Meredith told First Coast News he saw the ball in his binoculars and must have become distracted as it got closer. When it hit his head, Meredith said he heard a "loud thump."

"I was watching with my binoculars. When the ball came, it was coming right towards us," Meredith said.

Nurses who were in the crowd ran to help him. Meredith began to bleed from his head.

"This is as serious as I've seen," said longtime golf writer Garry Smits of the Florida Times-Union, a newsgathering partner of First Coast News. "You just don't see that amount of blood for a golf ball hit and this case, it was pretty bad."

Both golfers in the group -- Harris English and Matt Kuchar -- left Meredith with signed gloves. English added "Sorry" above his signature. English went on to bogey that first hole and triple bogey No. 2.

Meredith was taken to the hospital. He got six stitches on his head and was able to go home later Saturday evening.

Meredith has volunteered at The Players for 11 years.  He said every year he has another story to tell. This one certainly adds to his collection.







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