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Unsuspecting teens take fugitive for a ride

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Taylor Ryan was involved in a high speed chase with police, then ran an SUV into a house in Ponte Vedra. He managed to elude police and decided to ask for a ride at a nearby church. Two teens offered to help but little did they know what they were getting into.

19-year old Joe Cail and 16-year old Chris Colbert dropped Ryan off at the Woodhollow Apartments on Hodges Boulevard around 9:30 p.m. Friday night. When they offered to give him a ride in Ponte Vedra a half hour earlier, they had no idea he was fleeing from police but it did not take long to find out.

" I still cannot believe it happened. I was more shocked that it happened than afraid," said driver Joe Cail, a 19-year-old freshman at UNF.

"Me and my friend were already headed to Atlantic Blvd, and he said he wanted to go to Atlantic, so we said sure why not," said Chris Colbert, a 16-year old junior at Fletcher High School.

With Taylor Ryan in the back seat , they made their way past numerous police officers in the area looking for Ryan and the two teenagers joked with him.

"We were like, this isn't for you is it? that would be crazy. He said oh no, no, no," said Colbert.

A few minutes later on Butler Boulevard, Ryan changed his story and said to them, "You are harboring a fugitive, I am not going to hurt you. Just take me where I need to go. Then he pulls out his knife, and he flicks it out," said Colbert.

Cail, a UNF freshman, was afraid for his friend Colbert, a junior at Fletcher High.

" I am the driver. He can't — I mean I am going, unless he wants to die too, he can't really hurt me."

But Colbert was a bit more worried. " I was trying to keep my calm, I wasn't trying to freak out or whatever because he was in the back seat , and we were in the front so we did not know what was going to happen. "

When they got to the apartment they got out of the car quickly, pulled the front seats up on the Mustang, and let him out of the back seat. " He was like: just don't tell anyone. I am going to come and murder you and all that crazy stuff they usually say," added Colbert.

The two took off, ignored the threats — and they did call police, who found Ryan at the apartment complex soon after.

"We said we are going to turn in this guy. He had said while we were in the car that he had been in jail multiple times before. Some people just belong there," said Cail. " I am just glad they caught him, I am really glad they caught the guy."

Cail and Colbert said this is something they will always remember. They also say they will be a bit more apprehensive about giving a stranger a ride.

Meanwhile, Ryan is in jail facing charges of armed robbery, fleeing police, and reckless driving. His bond is set at $261,514.


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