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Collecting hundreds of socks for the homeless

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. -- Most of us have plenty of socks, but one woman is collecting socks for those who really need them.

"It's just socks," April Campbell of St. Johns County said.  She is known as the Sock Lady.

"I start collecting in September," she admitted.

Her living room corner is full of bags and boxes of new socks.

This all started a few years ago when she went with some churches to serve dinner on Thanksgiving to the homeless in St. Augustine.

"The churches bring clothes and put the clothes on bleachers for the homeless to pick through," she remembered. One homeless man asked Campbell if there were any socks.

"I said, 'You know what, we don't. But I will have them next year.'"

And she did. She brought more than 500 pairs with her to Thanksgiving dinner in 2011.

This year, she has five times as many socks that she did the first year. As of Monday morning, the total was 2,529 pairs of socks.

They come from her "friends, family, coworkers," she said. "I started a Facebook page this year."

Earlier this fall, she said, "I came home from work one day and there were four boxes on my porch." The boxes were full of socks from a friend who lives out of state.

Some Girl Scout troops have helped donate and the scouts even decorated the tags with child-like drawings.

Campbell collects for men, women, and children.

She said she's humbled by how many people give.

"It's just a pair of socks, but it means the world to them. They're out in the cold," Campbell noted.

However, socks do more than keep feet warm.

"They keep sweat off so your feet don't get infections. They keep your shoes from rubbing. They're kind of important," Campbell nodded.

They're important enough for this working mother of three to create this project called "Socks for the Soul" -- s-o-u-l. 

"It's to make your soul happy," she smiled.

Happy... by warming the hearts of the giver as well as the feet of the one who receives.

Campbell collects new socks. Her email address is Click here for her Facebook page.

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