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Woman charged in fatal dog attack

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. -- A woman whose two pitbull mixes were involved in a fatal July 2013 attack on a Pomeranian has a warrant out for her arrest.

According to St. Johns County Sheriff's Office warrant records, Julie Shumer faces charges of Crimes Against Person Attack By Known Dangerous Dog and Crimes Against Person Injury Or Death By Dangerous Dog

Kathy Doolittle told First Coast News in July that she and her Pomeranian Cassidy walked from her
South Ponte Vedra Beach home to the beach, and she saw a man walking her
neighbor's two dogs on the beach.  

They were pit-bull mixes, according to St. Johns Animal Control.

"I saw them, and I'm scared enough of them. I thought, 'I'm just
going to go back.' I picked her up and turned around to go," Doolittle told FCN at the time.

She said her neighbor's dogs attacked her and Cassidy at the end of her path to the beach.

"The black one jumped on my back and knocked me down and I had her
[Cassidy] at my belly. I was trying to protect her," Doolittle recalled.
"Then the red one grabbed her from the rear and started pulling her,"
Doolittle said. 

Doolittle said the dogs -- estimated by Animal Control to be 45 pounds and 55-60 pounds -- "tore" her eight-pound dog apart.

"The black one grabbed her in the throat. I knew she was dead. I just
knew," Doolittle sobbed.  "She looked at me with that little face,
like, 'Help me, Mommy.' And I couldn't help her."

In an effort to get one of the dogs away from Doolittle, the neighbor walking the dogs choked one of them to death.

The other dog, Bosco, who had been deemed a dangerous dog in 2012 and again in April 2013, was put down at Shumer's request.

As of Wednesday night, Shumer was not listed as arrested in the SJSO inmate search.


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