Tavar Disappearance Suspect Awaiting Return to Florida

SEATTLE, Wash. - A King County, Wash. judge found probable cause to hold Joseph Roberts in a Seattle jail.

During a hearing Wednesday afternoon, the judge set Roberts' bail at $500,000, and he's being held in the King County Correctional Facility.

Seattle police arrested Roberts, 26, Tuesday night, after the QGC, an upscale grocery store in University Village, reportedly caught him trying to steal $14 worth of meat.

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While talking to investigators, police there said Roberts initially told them his name was Andrew Lake, but said he couldn't give them an accurate date of birth.

Roberts then gave them his real name, and after they searched, officers learned that Roberts was wanted on warrants here in Florida.

Tavar Suspect Held as a Fugitive in Seattle

SEATTLE, Wash. -- Seattle police have arrested a man believed to be involved in the disappearance of a First Coast woman.

Officers have arrested Joseph Roberts, 26, on retail theft charges, after they said he tried to steal about $14 worth of meat from a store.

While talking to investigators, police said Roberts initially gave a fake name, before finally admitting his real name and telling them that he is from Florida. But detectives said that Roberts denied having any outstanding warrants.

After they found out Roberts was a fugitive, Seattle Police called the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies here said they think Roberts has something to do with the disappearance of South Ponte Vedra Beach resident Brittany Tavar.

Tavar's sister, Patricia Bellamah, told First Coast News this arrest brings the family some relief.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Youth Art Contest

Hubbard House announced September 20th the launch of its first-ever Domestic Violence Awareness Month Youth Art Contest in an effort to raise awareness about domestic violence among youth.

The contest, open to youth ages 5-12 living in Northeast Florida, runs from Sept. 20 through Oct. 21 and highlights Hubbard House’s newest prevention program WAVE (Working Against Violence Every day, Everywhere, Every time). The program teaches youth healthy relationship skills before abuse occurs, how to identify and prevent bullying and helps them gain a better understanding of how violence affects their lives.