St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Awarded “Solving Cold Cases with DNA” Grant


The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office was recently awarded a “Solving Cold Cases with DNA” grant from the U.S. Department of Justice. The grant provides funding for DNA processing, comparison, and will also supply detectives and crime scene technicians with critical equipment and training as it pertains to DNA identification and collection.

Car Hopping Teen Suspect Rearrested

Car Hopping Teen Suspect Rearrested

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. -- Further investigation into a car-hopping incident in Ponte Vedra Beach has led to the suspects pointing fingers at each other.

On Oct. 11, four teenagers were arrested on car-hopping-related charges of burglary and larceny.  Three bonded out the same day.  The fourth, 19-year-old Andrew Michael Matthews, remains in jail, also charged with dealing in stolen property and altering the identification on a weapon.

Probation Officer: Ponte Vedra Beach Housewife Quinn Hanna Gray Violated Probation

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- New trouble for the Ponte Vedra Beach woman once accused of faking her own kidnapping.

Court documents show Quinn Gray's probation officer said she violated probation.  Her attorney, Mark Miller, said she did nothing wrong. He also said she has now changed her name to Quinn Hanna.

In the Department of Corrections affidavit, probation officer Garrett James accused Hanna of violating several parts of her probation.

He claimed she did not pay fees for supervision, court costs, drug testing fees and restitution.  He said Hanna missed payments on these fees for the month of October. 

Over 800 Gallons of Gas Stolen: SJSO Seeks Information

Over 800 Gallons of Gas Stolen: SJSO Seeks Information

Detectives with the St. Johns County Property Crimes Unit are seeking information following the theft of over 800 gallons of gasoline from Buddy Boys convenience store, located at 2700 South Ponte Vedra Blvd.  According to the St Johns County Sheriff's Office, the theft occurred early Tuesday morning between 3:00-4:00 a.m. while Buddy Boys was closed.

Another Suspicious Truck in St Johns County; Second in Seven Days

Another Suspicious Truck in St Johns County; Second in Seven Days

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a suspicious incident that occurred Tuesday afternoon in Sawgrass at Ponte Vedra Beach.

The incident comes just seven days after a suspicious black truck was spotted in St Johns County off Race Track Road.

The incident was reported by the mother of a 12-year old boy who told deputies her son was riding his bike near Seabury Circle and noticed a medium sized white pick-up truck following him. The child claims the suspicious white truck followed him around the block four times.

St. Johns Co. Deputies Look for Man who Approached Child

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – Deputies in St. Johns County are looking for a man who approached an adolescent and offered him a ride home Wednesday. 

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the 13-year-old boy was riding his bike on Maplewood Drive in Creekside when a man pulled up next to him.

The boy said he did not need a ride and rode away. 

Detectives said they do not know what the man's intentions were. 

The juvenile described the person as a white man with a clean cut brown goatee, without a mustache.  The man was reportedly wearing a brown hat and appeared to be in his late 30s or early 40s. 

The man was driving a white van that had rust by the driver’s door.  Detectives said it may be a Chevy Express. 

If you have any information about who this man is, call the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office at (904) 824-8304.